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Amira Olive

Franchising Helps Veterans Get Jobs

As more and more troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan, they are finding the job field crowded and competitive. Instead of looking for a job, one local veteran decided to create one for herself and others.

A friendly greeting and a helpful hand, that’s how Air Force veteran Amira Olive and her husband built their business. After six years in the Air Force, instead of waiting for someone to hire her, Olive took a different approach. “What we like about franchising is that you have support,” said Olive.

The Olives’ purchased a Mr. Appliance franchise. It’s a national brand that works with a program called “Vet-Fran” to offer veterans training and discounted start-up costs. “We can basically set our own hours, we can work around our business and that’s the most important thing is to have time for our family.”

The Olives’ started their business four years ago. Amira says the skills she learned in the Air Force helped make her business a success. “What I learned in the Air Force is definitely discipline, a lot of my admin training comes from the Air Force, most importantly how to work as a team.”  Read more