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From Honor to RadioShack Owner

Marc Heuermann repaired missile launchers, aircraft remote units and wiring assemblies and performed as an aircrew loadmaster and Aerial Port Manager serving in the Air National Guard over 25 years. Now the military veteran is fulfilling his longtime dream of owning his own business — make that four businesses — as a RadioShack franchisee.

It’s a coming-home of sorts. Heuermann’s first job at age 18 was in a RadioShack, and his passion for the brand never wavered as he served his country in uniform. Now, back in RadioShack garb, Heuermann is making his dream a reality through VetFran discounts, SBA loans, and rolling over his “Thrift Savings Plan” or retirement account, opening stores near Peoria, Ill. where he grew up.

“I’m investing in myself,” said Heuermann, who was a member of the Air Transportation Unit of the Year in 2010 and the second youngest in the state of Illinois to ever be promoted to Chief Master Sergeant E-9, the highest enlisted rank.

The store is a family operation as Heuermann’s parents, brother and extended family all pitch in. Heuermann’s wife Hayley, whom he refers to as his partner in crime, remains active in the Air National Guard working full-time at base. She helps her husband at the store when she can.

“Marc is a good man and has supported and worked hard for our country,” she said. “I am thrilled beyond words that he is able to live his American dream and I am humbled to be a part of it.”

Heuermann continues to motivate and share his story of transitioning from the battlefield to the work force.  He will speak at the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans 2 Entrepreneurs event September 28th for veterans returning from service to the civilian economy.

For more information about the Veterans 2 Entrepreneurs event please click here.