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CiCi’s Pizza COO Bill Spae addresses veterans at Texas conference

CiCi’s Pizza Chief Operating Officer Bill Spae addressed 150 veterans in Dallas recently at a conference hosted by the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC).

The seminars, educating veterans as to resources available for starting or growing a business as well as introducing them to successful business leaders, are part of the Texas Veteran Entrepreneur Program.

TVC has taken the lead among state veterans’ organizations in fostering entrepreneurial training and resources. TVC’s Duncan McGhee reached out to VetFran to alert members to a program that provides a stipend for on-the-jo- training that can be saved and leveraged for eventual franchise ownership.

“I was impressed,” said Spae, whose Cici’s Pizza Patriot Program offers discounts on franchise fees and royalties as well as incentives for veteran franchise owners to hire other veterans. “Duncan brought in speakers who had a potential direct impact on veterans. I felt it was a very worthwhile endeavor and would certainly do this again if invited.”

Under Spae’s leadership, CiCi’s Pizza trucks now carry the VetFran logo.

More information about the Texas Veterans Commission’s on-the-job training incentives are available here.