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OneClick Cleaners Veterans Grant Program is Making a Difference for Service Members Who Need Options

In January, OneClick Cleaners began a program waiving their $45,000 franchise fee for veterans. The program has been a success, already onboarding two franchisees, with many more launches planned. The new initiative, part of VetFran seeks to make owning a business more affordable and accessible, by providing up to 50 veterans free franchises.  One Click Cleaners hopes to help veterans seeking control of their futures in a troubled economy and job market.

 In the first month five contracts have been signed and franchises have already launched in Honolulu, Hawaii and Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Several other contracts have been signed and the businesses will open later in the year. The two new veteran franchisees are monetizing their ability to reach back to the military community for uniform service, as well as meet the demand in their local communities for concierge-style dry cleaning delivery.  Both veteran franchisees have had proposals from traditional dry cleaner shops to take over their business in a partnership scenario. These traditional cleaners recognize how valuable having access to the franchise services can be.

 Joe Albert, CEO of One Click Cleaners expressed “This has been a rewarding program, not only for the soldiers and their families, but for our business as well. Two of our company officers are veterans and recognize the needs of fellow service members. It has been eye-opening to see the impact we have created. For example, we are finding that as the military draws down, the job market is being flooded with military people who are unable to find work. This seems like an unrealistic problem, but for thousands of veterans, this is the truth. Bases are downsizing, DOD civilian contracts are being cut, and people are looking for opportunities. Within this framework we decided that it would be to everyone’s benefit to offer the program and give like-minded, entrepreneurial and community-focused people the opportunity to own a business.“

 One Click Cleaners hopes more veterans will become aware of the opportunity and believes the program can change and improve the lives of our service members, as well as contribute to local communities and economies. To learn more, you can visit OneClick Cleaners’  website or Facebook page.