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Retired Army National Guard Member Secures Start-Up SBA Loan Through BoeFly

James Payne served 10 years in the Ohio Army National Guard and obtained his MBA before pursuing franchising options. Payne’s leadership and preparation is an example of what other veterans can follow. Payne sought support from an online marketplace called BoeFly to secure funding for his first Wayback Burgers restaurant Payne, which will to opening this summer.

Payne knew the importance of finding a franchise that he was passionate about, so he did the proper research, and narrowed his search down to the best premium burger establishments he could find. After narrowing down the field with his selection criteria, he conducted a taste test and concluded that Wayback Burgers was the best for taste, freshness or quality.

“After selecting the Wayback Burgers franchise, which met our requirements, we began searching for a financial institution that could meet our financing needs,” said Payne. “We made several attempts to identify financial institutions that we thought could match our needs and we ended up wasting precious time and effort. Frustrated with the search process we gave BoeFly a try. Their process was painless and incredibly effective. Instead of searching through dozens of financial institutions that could not meet our needs BoeFly brought interested institutions to us. It really made securing financing pretty easy.”

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