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Al Daniels: Serving His Country, Fellow Man and Pizza

Al Daniels - Domino’s Pizza Franchise OwnerBefore becoming a successful franchisee with nine stores in Georgia and Florida, Alkina (Al) Daniels served his country for 20 years in the United States Navy. Traveling worldwide, Al has been in every conflict from 1987 to 2007 including his service in Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and at the World Trade Center in 2001. Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, Al joined the military right out of high school due to tough economic times and the persistent will of his mother for him to make a life for himself.

Al has pizza sauce running through his veins. Throughout his service to the country, Al worked at his local Domino’s Pizza store as a driver to help support his family whenever he was back home in Georgia. Working as a driver, customer service representative, assistant manager, store manager and regional manager, Al is at his very core – a Dominoid.

In 2002, Al lost his father to cancer. He saved his portion of the life insurance for the right moment and in 2007 – that moment came.

After realizing that 20 years had gone by in the Navy, Al had a strong desire to be back with his family in Georgia. His daughter was about to enter high school and he felt as though he had missed too much of her childhood. His young son was growing up quickly as well and his wife, who had been a pillar of support in his family, was ready to be reunited with her husband once again.

The Navy approved Al’s retirement and he immediately began the process of becoming a franchisee for Domino’s Pizza.

A part of what makes Al such a success story is due to what he learned in the Navy. The discipline, networking skills, financial education and strategy taught in the military ultimately set Al up for explosive success in the Domino’s brand. Al’s stores have a strong infrastructure and second-to-none leadership that Al attributes to his military career.

Not only does Al have the skills for success, but he also has the heart and passion that so many Domino’s franchisees possess. Al loves the Domino’s brand and is incredibly inspired by past company accomplishments and leaders associated with the brand across history. Al says that if you ever met him, you’d say, “Wow, that man loves Domino’s!”

In addition to Al’s franchising success, he is an active philanthropist. Each day he chooses one family in need to receive one free meal – a Domino’s Pizza. He is involved in numerous community organizations including his local domestic violence shelter and the American Cancer Society. Al is so dedicated to giving back to those in need that he donated his entire military pension to the American Cancer Society in honor of his father who helped him start his Domino’s franchise business.

Al summed up his life of service and passion for pizza in a few words: “I served my country, I serve my fellow man and I serve pizza.”