Exclusive Interview With Veteran Who Won His Own Franchise

Veterans continue to have an impact on the franchise community, with companies like CruiseOne/Dream Vacations featuring more than 30 percent of its units owned by veterans or active-duty spouses. CruiseOne/Dream Vacations has awarded five free franchise locations to veterans Jason Bloomquist, Cory Jennings, James Selleh, Jay Starks and Chuck Wellman as part of its “Operation Vetrepreneur: Become Your Own General” program. IFA’s @OurFranchise spoke with each of the winners to find out why they decided to transition into franchising. The first profile is with Cory Jennings, a U.S. Navy veteran based on Midland, Texas.

*This story originally appeared on www.atourfranchise.org, a website highlighting the positive impact of franchising on communities around the country.

@OurFranchise: Why did you decide to enter the CruiseOne/Dream Vacations contest and go into franchising? 

Jennings: My wife and I have wanted to own our own business for around the last five years and after much discussion, decided to pursue a Dream Vacations franchise. This industry combines our love of travel and the ability to create our own path. We get to flex our entrepreneurial spirit in a fun and exciting business.

@OurFranchise: Do you believe military veterans and franchising is a good fit? 

Jennings: Absolutely. Military veterans have a work ethic second to none and franchising provides them with an opportunity to benefit from their hard work. Franchising provides veterans with a more streamlined path to succeed once they have left the military, and after volunteering their time and potentially their lives, they deserve it.

@OurFranchise: What advice would you give to military veterans interested in franchising? 

Jennings: Research the company and opportunity thoroughly. There are many potential franchises and companies available and they are not all created with your best interests in mind. Find an industry that you are passionate about and an opportunity that offers the right incentives.

@OurFranchise: Why should franchises hire veterans? 

Jennings: Tim Courtney, Vice President of Franchise Development for Dream Vacations, said recently at an event to honor our country’s veterans that “if a man is willing to die for his country, think of what he is willing to do for your company.” That pretty much sums it up.

@OurFranchise: How can franchises support veteran-franchise owners?

Jennings: Simply by providing them with the opportunity to succeed, and giving them the tools and support necessary to help them grow their business, veterans have the work ethic necessary to do the rest.