Franchisors Drawn to Veterans as Franchise Owners

According to FranNet President John McLellan, franchising is becoming such a viable second career for people because loyalty between big businesses and employees has diminished – pensions are gone and there is less security. My clients are looking for security as much as the financial rewards.

Also, franchises have expanded to the service area, it’s not merely dining and fast food. There are service, education and health care, too. I help a lot of people acquire service-related franchises. People just want security, they want control of their life.

McLellan also noted that franchisors are drawn to veterans as franchise owners for a number of reasons. Franchisers are continually reaching out to veterans, and they do see a big market in veterans. Vets understand and value a system, and they know how to run an efficient operation. Following a system and that’s what a franchise is about. The biggest challenge with vets is getting the financial wherewithal to buy the franchise.

See the full article here.

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