From Hobby to Successful Career: One Coastguard Veteran’s Journey

After serving six years in the United States Coast Guard, Dan Hayes ventured into the corporate world by climbing the rungs at one of the world’s most established brands: Coca-Cola.

*This story originally appeared on, a website highlighting the positive impact of franchising on communities around the country.

While working at the Coca-Cola Company, Mr. Hayes purchased rental properties as a way to broaden his own investment portfolio. In his spare time, he worked as a do-it-yourself landlord. Mr. Hayes quickly realized that his hobby proved quite lucrative. He considered going out on his own, but he wanted the professional operational support and resources he was used to in the corporate world.

He decided to buy a Real Property Management franchise in August 2015.

Mr. Hayes says joining a franchise has provided him with access to proven systems and business resources to help with marketing, training and operations. Ultimately, the support has given him a competitive advantage over independent operators.

In less than one year, Mr. Hayes was honored with the 2016 Rising Star Award by Property Management Business Solutions, the franchisor of Real Property Management. This award recognizes a newer franchisee who has had early success and contributes new life to the organization with their presence.

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