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How one Wounded Warrior overcame the odds

Brandon Scherer - Mr. Rooter PlumbingCharlie Hall, owner of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Colorado, hired a wounded warrior in 2011.

His name is Brandon Scherer, and he was injured in Afghanistan and was medically discharged under honorable conditions because of his injuries. Brandon has permanent hearing loss, severe brain injuries as well as back and neck injuries. (He has hearing aids.)

Charlie hired Brandon last February, when he was technically still in the Army, as a plumbing technician. Since then, Brandon’s been promoted and now works with the franchise’s new hires and teaches them the 14 Steps.

Charlie says Brandon’s injuries have not hampered his success. Get this – Brandon made enough money at Mr. Rooter to purchase his first house on Dec. 30! It’s in Colorado Springs.

This is how Charlie describes Brandon: “He’s good with orders. He takes them and follows them to the end. And he’s a good trainer. He’s doing well, and his injuries don’t affect the job a lot.”

Veterans and military spouses are invited to attend the 2012 IFA Convention free of charge. Visit the first-ever VetFran Pavilion at the Convention, co-sponsored by The Dwyer Group and Guidant Financial, to find out more about hiring and recruiting America’s next generation of veteran franchisees, including tax credits of up to $9600 per veteran. Tax credits expire Dec. 31, 2012. Register for the convention here.