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VetFran® Toolkit signup

Please fill out the short form below to gain access to the VetFran Toolkit.

The VetFran Toolkit is designed to foster access to franchise opportunities for U.S. veterans and military spouses. The franchise industry has committed to hiring as team members and recruiting as franchise business owners 80,000 veterans and military spouses through 2014.

The VetFran Toolkit includes a Franchising 101 online course, a finance assessment, a workbook for prospective franchise owners, educational seminars in the VetFran Video Library and partner links. If you are a U.S. military veteran, you can also access the VetFran Mentor Network and and get advice from an experienced franchise professional.

With its training, structure, and focus on operational excellence, franchising can provide an ideal career path for returning veterans to become leaders in our civilian economy. To find out about the franchise opportunities that might be right for you, start using the VetFran Toolkit today.

VetFran Toolkit