Become a Mentor

Become A VetFran Mentor

Thank you for taking the first steps in becoming a VetFran Mentor. Before submitting your application at the bottom of this page, please take a minute to read about the guidelines of the program.

What is a VetFran Mentor?

A VetFran Mentor assists a transitioning veteran with understanding the options available to them in the franchise sector. Such options may include franchise ownership, employment, internship or other roles to build a career after their military service. Mentors are available to listen to what the veteran is saying, inform by sharing information on franchising, help him or her understand and navigate various aspects of their journey and, in general, be a resource of unbiased and worthwhile information to help the veteran make the best decision for them and their future.

As a mentor you offer the following:

  • Information: Mentors share their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom in franchising with no fiduciary benefit.
  • Contacts: Mentors provide valuable opportunities by facilitating career and personal contacts in franchising.
  • Challenges: Mentors stimulate curiosity and build confidence by presenting new ideas, opportunities, and challenges along with helping the veteran navigate the VetFran Toolkit.
  • Support: Mentors encourage growth and achievement by providing an open and supportive environment.
  • Goal Setting: Mentors help protégés establish targets and discover talents and interests while supporting them in achieving their goals.

Requirements for a VetFran Mentor:

      1. While military service is not required, you must have a genuine desire to assist transitioning veterans gain an understanding of the options available to them in the franchise community; franchise ownership, employment or other career involved in franchising.
      2. Must be an officer, executive or franchisee of an IFA-Member Organization.
      3. Must agree to a general code of conduct geared to foster the positive development of veterans in franchising and hold yourself to a high standard of honesty and integrity.
    4. Receive no direct, or indirect, compensation, remuneration, perquisites or incentives by any veteran protégé, company they may join or invest in, or influence any parties involved to reach a conclusion based on fiduciary influence.

NOTE: Any wrongdoing or discovery of personal gain beyond the feeling of pride in helping a veteran find a career in franchising will result in immediate suspension from the VetFran Mentor program.

Staying Active

All VetFran Mentors are 100 percent volunteers, be aware that mentoring can take significant amounts of time. The following are some guidelines to follow when considering whether you have the time and the willingness to be a mentor.

  • Send a greeting to new mentees within 24 hours of notification of the candidate.
  • Check-in at least once per month (more frequent depending on the timeframe and activities involved). Read and respond to electronic mail messages and phone calls within 24 hours whenever possible.
  • Respond to every personal message sent to you by your mentee or VetFran staff.
  • Communicate with VetFran Committee to act as a resource when possible.
  • Attend VetFran program events whenever possible.
  • We ask that all mentors send feedback on how your mentor relationship is going once a month. If you are too busy to help someone, speak up and we can get them assigned to another mentor, don’t leave someone alone when they might need your help most.

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