Funding your franchise

Alexandra always liked the idea of owning her own business. And when she left her military career in the Navy, she decided to open up her own Smoothie King franchise on a military base, so those in the service would have access to healthy food options. Today, Alexandra operates seven franchises on military bases across the U.S.

When working on building out her seventh location, Alexandra realized she needed working capital to help get her store off the ground.  IFA Member StreetShares was able to provide Alexandra with a business loan in an inventive way where she was able to tell her story to help lower her rate. StreetShares offers a unique auction-based funding model where qualified retail and institutional investors review a business owner’s loan pitch and bid to back portions of the loan —It’s like Shark Tank meets eBay for business loans. To learn more about this new way to provide working capital for your franchise, visit

With her StreetShares loan, Alexandra was funded in a matter of days and was able to get back to running her business. To read Alexandra’s full story, check out the StreetShares blog, The Lamp Post.

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