SafeSplash Joins VetFran

We are proud to announce our affiliation with VetFran! SafeSplash Swim School offers a unique franchise concept teaching a life skill, swimming, that nearly every parent recognizes their children must learn. A parent will ensure to childproof the house and teach their kids not to talk to strangers, yet one of the most important things a parent can do is teach their kids how to swim. Besides the obvious importance of safety, swimming lessons can be rewarding and provide a lifetime of exercise and fun. SafeSplash Swim School has added 56 franchise locations this year to join the 29 company and affiliated locations.

Every aspect of our franchise business models create an experience that positively impacts kids, families, and the communities served. Key to SafeSplash’s success and growth is our centralized Customer Service Center that uses our proprietary software platform to handle many of the time consuming logistics of running a swim school. A second key to our growth is the location flexibility we provide. We not only have the option to build a dedicated pool, using our proprietary design specifically for the learn-to-swim customer, but also to contract with health clubs to host our SafeSplash Swim School franchise. Working with these “Hosted” locations allows for a low investment to enter the industry.

We also appreciate the importance of safety and want to say THANK YOU by offering veterans a discount on our franchise fee. For more information visit or contact James Orr at

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