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VetFran believes that education is essential for becoming a successful franchisee. We also believe veterans that served their country, and want to continue to serve their community through business ownership, should be afforded the best opportunities, and education the franchise industry has available to offer.

Franchising can be an exciting journey of independent ownership, while still having the support and structure of a proven business model. Before making the exciting, and life changing decision of franchise ownership, you should complete the VetFran Toolkit.

The VetFran Toolkit is designed to foster access to franchise opportunities for U.S. veterans and military spouses. The franchise industry has committed to hiring, and recruiting franchise business owners. To assist veterans and their spouses we have developed an online training course to better prepare you.

By completing the training and reviewing the resources in the Toolkit, you will have a much more prepared for the franchising process, and have a better experience with your mentor.

Franchising comes with training, structure, and requires operational excellence. With a similar structure to the military, franchising can provide an ideal career path for veterans to become leaders in their communities and the economy.

If you are a military veteran or spouse, you can also access the VetFran Mentor Network to get advice from an experienced franchise professional. Before requesting a mentor, each participant will need to complete the VetFran Toolkit.

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