Why the Franchise Model is Ideal for Entrepreneurial Veterans

This article was originally published on www.primepay.com

By Monty Heath

Transitioning service members and veterans with the entrepreneurial spirit: Are you looking to place your passion, your mission focus into your own business? If so, a new mission awaits. Owning a franchise might be right for you!
The franchise model was created to help you succeed. Here’s why it may be the perfect next step in your transition.

A blueprint for success.
When we purchase into a franchise, we are effectively receiving an Operations Order (OPORD), a playbook, a blueprint for success.

As one might expect, military folks across the board have abundant experience executing orders and adhering to the playbook/blueprint, with each person pulling in the same direction.

With franchising, there is no need to recreate the wheel. There are no painful trial and error of products, and services/procedures having already been conducted –saving the franchisee blood, sweat and tears (aka time and money).

We are essentially purchasing viable and tested Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). And veterans are exceptional at executing SOPs.

Training & support you need.
Franchisors provide franchisees with support. Specifically, the critical training necessary to promote success.

This training pipeline may include computer systems, inventory topics, point of sale, payroll (PrimePay!), sales, marketing, advertising, and customer service. The type and frequency of this training will be outlined in the franchise agreement documents.

On the contrary, when an entrepreneur starts his/her own private business there is no support structure in place. There is no parent figure or organization interested in the success of the business. There is no dedicated training pipeline to access.

Becoming a franchisor provides you what you need, when you need it.

Work off a proven success record.
Franchised businesses, by their very nature, have proven past performance. The business model has shown success in one, or often numerous, market locations. There’s no wonder or worry if the product or service will be well received in the marketplace – the proof already exists.

The proof of concept, past (positive) performance, and a pathway for success exists.

To begin, here are 150 franchise opportunities that have shown consistent success and offer significant discounts and incentives to veterans.

All in all, veterans are quite possibly the perfect candidates to become successful franchise business owners. Veterans have the drive, the dedication, the mission focus to do what it takes. Incentives are available, SOPs exist, and your new mission awaits.


This article was written by Monty Heath, U.S. Navy SEAL & Director, Veterans in Business at PrimePay. Learn more about him by clicking here.